Moisturizing Care Lotion

Moisturizing Care Lotion

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This lotion moisturizes and purifies the skin, corrects imperfections and strenghtens the natural defense of the skin.

- Suitable to all skin types, especially oily skin with excessive sebum

- Ingredients of natural origin: 99% ; ingredients derived from organic agriculture: 20%


Wild Grape Extract (Lannea microcarpa) 2CH
Actively moisturizes and thoroughly purifies, limits sebum production. According to in-vitro test result: it can reduce spots within 7 days of application.

Aloe Vera
Moisturizing and revitalizing active ingredient, rich in trace elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes. Contains glycoproteins known for their healing and purifying activity.

Plant glycerin
Mositurizing ingredient known for its ability to attract and retain water in epidermal cells, increasing skin hydration and prolonging it.