SUBLIME / Eye Contour Serum

99% of ingredients are from natural origin.

- Restores radiance and firmness in the eye area,

- Reduces fine lines and puffiness,

- Smoothing action of the epidermis,

- Prevents and slows down the process of skin aging,

- Protects against free radicals and external stress,

- Sea fennel, also called sea fennel, is a coastal aquatic plant very rich in minerals, which promotes the regeneration of skin cells;

- Ulva lactuca seaweed extract, rich in iron and vitamin C, provides a depigmenting and lightening effect, limits the production of melanin, while strengthening the skin's immune defense system .

- Aloe Vera soothes and relieves sensitive skin around the eyes,

- Hyaluronic acid firms the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Use :

After your facial cleansing ritual, apply around the eyes morning and evening, massage gently in circular motions from the inside to the outside of the corner of the eye for good absorption.