Our Roots and the Sea

Brittany's marine world is full of natural "treasures" that we use wisely when manufacturing our products.

Marine collagen and elastin are made from

wild fish and marine sponges.

Breton sponge: carrot mousse;-- Brittany, wild salmon refuge

When fishing at sea, only the best species of fish are rigorously selected for the manufacture of hydrolyzed elastin and marine collagen used in cosmetics.

Algae in seawater are valuable cosmetic extracts,

... but also the varieties on Brittany’s sea shore ...

Brittany’s algae are harvested by hand on the foreshore at low tide, preferably when they are still submerged in seawater.

The harvest of lightening algae is done by boat. To meet the most diverse needs of our different cosmetic markets, specific species are cultivated. Once picked, the algae are sorted, dried, and then washed to get rid of sand and shellfish residues.